Fountain Square Ballroom: “Jerry and the Hip Swingers has been the best band we’ve ever had. Their show is always the most fun and exciting. We have them play here as often as possible.”
Swing Lounge: “These guys really put on a show. This is one not to be missed. And they are always kind enough to play a set for the dancers after their show.”
Riviera Hotel and Casino: “Don’t forget starting next Tuesday for one week only it’s our yearly show with Jerry and the Hip Swingers. Get your seats early because this is always a sold out show.”
Corporate Country Club: If you haven’t caught the show with Jerry and the Hip Swingers, be sure to see them this time when they come through. With their hot music and comedy, you’ll have a swinging good time. The only problem is, that most people can’t sit still during their show. So watch out for dancing in the aisles. They have a new show every year. Don’t miss this one.”
Coco’s Club: “Tap your feet and laugh a lot to a swinging good time with Jerry and the Hip Swingers. This group will keep you happy all evening with their great songs, comedy and high energy. They get better and better every time they come back. See you there.”